This is what happens if you want to design a gun but have gone off actual guns, because the YouTube algorithm started showing you the wildest firearms videos. Anyway… Load the ReBubbler up with your dishwashing detergent of choice, charge the slide, and pull the trigger to fire a rifled bubble at moderate speeds. 

This is the most complex model I’ve made for a personal project. I really got into the weeds with Blender, learning about constraints and animations. 

I even spent way longer than necessary making sure that my mechanical pieces fit together and could move somewhat sensibly. A lot more thought went into this design than is justifiable for a glorified bubble blower. I did learn a lot though.

And to top it all off, I made an exploded view, because technical diagrams are more fun than they look. 🙂

Final Concept

Exploded View

Fig A - Ergonomics - Right

Fig B - Ergonomics - Left

Fig C - Front Vat

Fig D - Slide Detail

Fig E - Cartridge Reload

Fig F - Thread Detail

Single Shot Animation Test

Constraints Set Up

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