Some concepts created for Fracked whilst I was at nDreams. I loved working on this project, with its incredible mix of ski mechanics and run and gun gameplay, I think Eurogamer got it spot on with their headline: “Fracked is a bite-sized chunk of VR perfection.”

I created character designs for “Wilson” and “Finch”, two of the characters who help tell the story of Fracked (No spoilers!).

I also designed the snowmobile which features in a hectic ski+gun chase sequence down the mountain. Using Blender and Grease Pencil let me design a vehicle with the right forms for the NPCs who would use it, whilst being able to work quickly in 2D and 3D.

Wilson Concept

Wilson Development

Finch Concept

Finch Sketches

Snowmobile Concept

Snowmobile Sketches

Snowmobile Grease Pencil Blockout

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