More Exodus stuff. From a personal work standpoint, this project came about because I wanted to design something massive. I also wanted to experiment with taking my Blender models further. I ended up doing that by going back and forth between 2D and 3D a lot for this project. Whenever I got stuck in 3D, I would paintover my model, and whenever I made some progress in 2D, I’d implement the changes in Blender. It’s a process I’ve used a lot since 🙂

The goal was to come up with a ship that could house a chunk of the population. With the military and civilian space that would be required, if things got so bad that humans abandoned Earth. The military hardware would be topped with the railgun, with a barrel that runs the length of the ship, for devastating force. 

Final Concept

Final Concept - Annotated

First Sketches

Sketch Development

Early blockout for the habitation ring. The idea is that the floors point towards the engines while the ship is under thrust, and outwards while the ship is not under thrust, at which point the ring could spin, creating a sense of gravity for any occupants.

Developing the concept by working on top of an earlier blockout

Clean Line Drawing


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